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Car sharing

A great alternative to a taxi!

Rent a car in Moscow is easy, all you need is a smartphone and a Bank card.

For example, on ulitsa Solyanka, a 5-minute walk away, located the Parking of car sharing of popular companies Yandex.Drive, Telemobil, Protein, YouDrive, available every day more than 20,000 vehicles in different locations, you recognize them by the special orange car wrapping, prices start from 7 rubles per minute, the average trip by car will cost around 200 rubles in the city, this price includes gasoline, paid Parking on all the streets of Moscow, insurance.

It all starts in the app, download the app one of the companies of car sharing, Yandex.Drive, Telemobil, Protein, YouDrive:

  • Install the application.
  • Pass simple registration. You will need a passport and driver's license.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to start using it.

For 20-60 minutes, they will check the documents. If everything is in order, you can reserve a car and the road.

In cars with Yandex is already installed browsers and you will not get lost in an unfamiliar city, as the Navigator will tell you about the speed limits and ceilings, will hold without the famous Moscow traffic jams, we recommend you to have several applications and then you'll always be able to rent a car. The cars are generally new, available in different classes from budget to premium.

We wish You freedom of movement and safe travel.