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Shopping and Architecture

Are you a fan of shopping, walking and architecture? Then our location is ideal as the starting point of a quest to find unique items and magical discounts. Within a 30-minute walk from the hotel are the main architectural and commercial attractions of Moscow. Our tips on where to start and how to get to locations read in the detailed description.

In Moscow, an unthinkable number of shops, boutiques and outlets. Their full description is akin to compiling a fashion encyclopedia. Many of them can be discovered quite by accident. For example, a large selection of parkas, jackets and down jackets is presented in Grunge John Orchestra on Nikitsky Boulevard. We found their store, walking once in the center of Moscow. As it turned out, Grunge John Orchestra is a unique indie brand specializing in the production of winter clothing. If you describe their things in three words, this is functionality, innovation and style. Our administrators are ready to open for you the secret routes of modern Moscow shopaholics. Just say the secret phrase at the counter "Tell me about shopping in Moscow" .

GUM - Main Department Store

This is number one on the top list of cult trading places in Moscow. But GUM was awarded such an honor rather for its historical significance. The first trading shops at this place were erected in the XVI century. The length of the modern building of the GUM, designed by Alexander Pomerantsev in the old Russian style, is more than 200 meters. The building consists of three passages, covered with original glazed vaults.

Often, the GUM management organizes special exhibitions accessible to all visitors on the ground floor of the shopping center. For example, in December 2013, an exhibition entitled “120 Years of Fashion” opened, dedicated to the history of Russian fashion. Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev made a great personal contribution to the organization of this exposition: here you can see costumes of historical personal interest from his personal collection. So there is still a reason to look at GUM.

From the hotel to GUM

Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center

This is a fairly large shopping center offering visitors affordable collections of brands such as GAP, Kira Plastinina, Mango, New Yorker, Stradivarius, Tom Tailor and many others. Also in Okhotny Ryad there is a standard set of mid-range stores: Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara and others. Often things are sold at a very impressive discount.

TSUM - Central Department Store

TSUM is aimed at wealthy customers who want to look fashionable and relevant. This department store offers a wide range of designer items.

By the way, one hundred meters from the department store there is another monastery of luxury goods - Petrovsky passage .

Stoleshnikov Lane and Bolshaya Dmitrovka

The single-brand boutiques Hermes, Piaget, Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, the multi-brand Podium and other luxury segment stores settled in the very center of the capital in earnest and for a long time.

Atrium Shopping Center

The first four positions in this rating are occupied by shops located in the very center of the capital. However, there are others located far from the zero kilometer and within walking distance from us. Among them, I would like to mention Atrium, a huge but cozy shopping center registered on the Garden Ring. It includes a relatively small number of luxury brands and a lot of democratic brands and mass-market clothes: H&M, Ecco, O’STIN, TopShop, Timberland and many others.

To the Atrium from us 15 minutes leisurely step along the historical streets of the Tagansky district.

Among discounts and outlets, that is, shopping centers selling discounted items and items from past collections, one can note the Tsvetnoy department store or Outlet Village Belaya Dacha.

Well, in conclusion, an important idea: the selection of the “right” shopping center and the right brand is a largely individual process and is carried out by trial and error. We wish you success in this!