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Park Zaryadye

Build a Hotel with 3,000 rooms in 1967 in the stylobate of the unfinished eighth high-rise Moscow, call it Russia, to get into the Guinness Book of records as the largest hotel complex in the world in 1970, to demolish everything in 2010 to build a great Park Zaryadye and soaring above the Moscow River, the bridge... To Moscow is easy!

"Charge" is a new landmark of Moscow, innovative public space at the walls of the Kremlin and red square. A Park with unusual architecture, high-tech rides, modern scientific-educational center for children, a Museum and exhibition space and a unique Botanical collection from all over Russia. In the basis of landscape-architectural concept of the Park lies the principle of "natural urbanism" — the lack of boundaries between city and nature.

The Zaryadye Park is the best project in the field of public spaces, winner of ArchDaily-2018 in the category of Public Architecture that, according to experts, was "the highest international recognition in the entire history of post-Soviet architecture." Park awarded the InAVation Awards for multimedia technologies and equipment mediacomplex "Flight" and "the time Machine" and POPAI AWARDS in the category Digital Media for interactive terminals. The American Time magazine included the Park "Zaryadye" in the list of the 100 best places in the world.

All this beauty is 15 minutes walking steps from our door.