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Night Life Of Moscow

The main attraction for people who want to have fun in Moscow - Myasnitskaya street, Pokrovka street and Maroseika street. To them you walk away for 10 minutes. Recommend restaurants - Odessa-Mama, I like Wine, Beer & Brut, as well as the Central market near the metro station Kitai-Gorod, where the courts of different countries of the world. If not sleep in the night bar Velodora, Freedom and Noor Bar are waiting for You.

In Moscow, there are several clusters of night life.

China town a popular place for Moscow's youth, countless bars, pubs and night dance clubs. Relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices, simple audience. When choosing our hotel can take a stroll and visit a dozen different places. Nights here are more like Europe.

Red October cluster capacious night dancing and drinking establishments, the dress code and face control, required attributes of this location. Wide Russian parties, a lot of people, alcohol and clubs.

Patriarch's ponds they're Patrika, cream Bamenda, glamor and Shine in the Moscow, expensive, claiming "people to see and be seen". Here you can meet celebrities, the atmosphere in new York and Los Angeles in the center of Moscow.

Tell us about your preferences in the conduct of the evenings, and we'll show you where to go!