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Moscow Kremlin and Red Square

The location of our Hotel allows easy access to the Kremlin by taking a public bus stop is 100 metres away.

Or walking along the embankment of the Moscow River where you open navigation of pleasure boats or for 20 minutes, exploring the old streets of Moscow, past the Gostiny Dvor, Gum, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and other significant architectural landmarks of the capital.

The Kremlin is one of the most important monuments of Russia and the largest existing fortress in Europe. In addition to elegant towers, the Kremlin, a wonderful architectural ensemble: the walls are available to visit the magnificent cathedrals and palaces from different eras, interesting museums, the Armoury chamber and Diamond Fund. Now the Kremlin is the main historical and artistic complex of Moscow and the official residence of the President of Russia.

To the North-Eastern wall of the Kremlin is adjacent to the famous Red square. It is unofficially considered the main square of Russia, and its monuments embody centuries of history of Moscow. Within the same space are temples, fortresses and towers, museums, a necropolis with a mausoleum and a huge shopping Mall. Buildings of different styles and centuries, from the XV to the XX - constitute a single ensemble that is beautiful in its diversity. Here every come not only tourists, but thousands of Muscovites. Red square is not turned into a frozen Museum under the open sky, but continues to live in the rhythm of the modern metropolis.

A must place to visit!